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- Maximum orderable quantity is 2 per item

Most Requested Forms

FormForm Name QuantityBack Order
AD-0908Income Tax Withholding Preference Certificate Rev. 01/19View/Print
AS-0786Address Change Request Rev. 07/19View/Print
AS-1040 Request for Name Change Rev. 05/19View/Print
AS-1130Direct Deposit Authorization Rev. 01/17View/Print
AS-2046 Retirement Progress Report Delivery Preference Form Rev. 04/18View/Print
MS-0002Recipient Designation Rev. 01/20View/Print
SR-0059Service Retirement Application Rev. 06/20View/Print
SR-0307Preretirement Election of an Option Rev. 01/19View/Print
SR-0554EExpress Benefit Report (Unused Sick Leave) Rev. 01/20View/Print

Defined Benefit Program

FormForm Name QuantityBack Order
AD-1264Request for Duplicate Tax Form of Decedent New 01/20View/Print
AS-1830Request for Verification of Benefits Rev. 01/18View/Print
AS-1831Request for Verification of Benefits for the Social Security Administration Rev. 01/18View/Print
DBS-0890DBS Application for Retired Members Rev. 02/16View/Print
ES-0350Permissive Membership Rev. 03/20View/Print
ES-0372Retirement System Election Rev. 06/21View/Print
ES-1161Reduced Workload Program Eligibility Certification Rev. 01/18View/Print
MS-0287Redeposit or Purchase of Permissive Service Credit Rev. 01/17 View/Print
MS-1125AJustification for Non-Signature of Spouse or Registered Domestic Partner Rev. 01/19View/Print
OSSC-304Out-of-State or Foreign School Service Credit Certification Rev. 01/19View/Print
RF-1360Refund Application Rev. 06/20View/Print
RF-1410 End of Year Tax Notice 2021View/Print
RF-1503DBS Termination Benefit Distribution Election Rev. 01/20View/Print
RF-1506DBS Termination Benefit Distribution Election Change Rev. 01/20View/Print
SB-0816Option Payee’s Beneficiary Designation Rev. 06/11View/Print
SC-1553Verification for Employer-Approved Leaves Rev. 07/10View/Print
SC-1732Verification for California Public University Service Rev. 01/19View/Print
SR-0363Compound Option Election Rev. 01/19View/Print
SR-0365Preretirement Compound Option Election Rev. 01/19View/Print
SR-0559Employment Termination or Sick Leave Data Correction Rev. 07/15View/Print
SR-0857Reinstatement After Retirement Rev. 06/20View/Print
SR-1328Retirement Application Change Request Rev. 01/21View/Print
SR-1613Reduced Benefit Election Rev. 01/19View/Print
SR-1854Certification of a Special Needs Trust New 04/17View/Print

Medicare Premium Payment Program

FormForm Name QuantityBack Order
HB-0986Medicare Payment Authorization Packet Rev. 07/21View/Print

Cash Balance Benefit Program

FormForm Name QuantityBack Order
AR-261Cash Balance Rollover Certification Rev. 01/16View/Print
CB-1102Cash Balance Reinstatement After Retirement Rev. 07/21View/Print
CB-1328Cash Balance Benefit Application Change Request New 12/20View/Print
CB-1855Cash Balance Postretirement Special Needs Trust Election New 04/17View/Print
CB-263Cash Balance Request to Consolidate Benefits Packet Rev. 11/03View/Print
CB-264aCash Balance Employment Certification Rev. 06/04View/Print
CB-264bCash Balance Defined Benefit Employment Certification Rev. 06/04View/Print
CB-533Cash Balance Benefit Program Election Rev. 10/19View/Print
CB-584 Cash Balance Income Tax Withholding Preference Rev. 03/15View/Print
CB-585Cash Balance Termination Benefit Application Packet Rev. 06/20View/Print
CB-586Cash Balance Retirement Benefit Application Packet Rev. 01/21View/Print
CB-587Cash Balance Disability Benefit Application Packet Rev. 06/20View/Print
MS-0002Recipient Designation Rev. 01/20View/Print
MS-1125AJustification for Non-Signature of Spouse or Registered Domestic Partner Rev. 01/19View/Print

Community Property

FormForm Name QuantityBack Order
LGL-722Request for Community Property Statement and Estimate of Benefit Rev. 08/10View/Print
NM-1258Nonmember Spouse Retirement Application Rev. 06/11View/Print
NM-1938 Nonmember Spouse Defined Benefit Supplement (DBS) Application Rev. 06/11 View/Print
NM-2031Nonmember Spouse Account Holder Recipient Designation Form Rev. 02/12View/Print
RF-1356Non-Member Spouse Refund Application Rev. 01/20View/Print
RF-1410End of Year Tax Notice 2021View/Print

Disability Benefits Program

FormForm Name QuantityBack Order
DS-0260Disability Benefits Application and Instructions(Includes Service Retirement During Evaluation of a Disability Application) Rev. 10/21View/Print
DS-0727AEarnings Limit Certification (A) Rev. 10/16View/Print
DS-0727R Earnings Limit Certification (B) Rev. 10/16View/Print
DS-0857Reinstatement After Disability Benefits/Recurrence of Disability Rev. 05/19View/Print
DS-1328Disability Benefits Application Change Request Rev. 11/18View/Print
DS-1657Workers' Compensation Carrier Request for Information Rev. 12/17View/Print
DS-1854Certification of a Special Needs Trust New 07/17View/Print
SR-0234Disability Allowance to Service Retirement Application Rev. 02/19View/Print


- Maximum orderable quantity is 2 per item

Member Benefit Information

FormForm Name QuantityBack Order
COM-0377Your Retirement Guide 2021View/Print
COM-151Join CalSTRS? Join CalPERS? Rev. 01/21View/Print
COM-1519Member Handbook 2021 Rev. 01/21 View/Print
COM-1667Understanding the Formula Fact Sheet Rev. 02/20View/Print
COM-1679Working After Retirement - Know the Rules Rev. 04/21View/Print
COM-1682Concurrent Retirement - Retiring From More Than One California Public Retirement System Rev. 12/20View/Print
COM-1779Welcome to CalSTRS Rev. 03/21View/Print
LPRD-104Supplemental Payments (Calculation & Funding Information) 2021-22View/Print
RR-1889The Benefit of a Lifetime New 05/19View/Print

Purchasing Service Credit

FormForm Name QuantityBack Order
COM-1566Purchase Service Credit Now Rev. 07/21View/Print
COM-210Purchase Additional Service Credit Rev. 07/21View/Print

Disability & Survivor Benefits

FormForm Name QuantityBack Order
COM-1518Introduction to CalSTRS Disability Benefits Rev. 09/17View/Print
COM-1651Survivor Benefits: Remember Your Loved Ones Rev. 10/19View/Print
COM-1652Your Disability Benefits Guide Rev. 04/21View/Print

Cash Balance For Part-Time Teachers

FormForm Name QuantityBack Order
COM-1522 Cash Balance Benefit Program: A Retirement Plan for Part-time and Adjunct Educators Rev. 06/21View/Print

Taxes, Refunds, Social Security

FormForm Name QuantityBack Order
AC-0199About Your 2020 Form 1099-R Rev. 11/20View/Print
COM-1357Tax Considerations for Rollovers Rev. 06/20 View/Print
COM-1494Refund: Consider the Consequences Fact Sheet Rev. 06/21View/Print
COM-1512Social Security - CalSTRS and You Rev. 03/21View/Print

Community Property Publications

FormForm Name QuantityBack Order
COM-0211Community Property Guide Rev. 01/21View/Print

Financial Reports

FormForm Name QuantityBack Order
COM-141Fast Facts - Fiscal Year Ended June 30 2020 Rev. 01/21View/Print

Defined Contribution Solutions

FormForm Name QuantityBack Order
COM-1516403b Comply Brochure - Admin. Rev. 02/16View/Print
COM-1517 403b Comply Brochure - Employer Rev. 02/16View/Print
COM-1565403b Compare Fact Sheet Rev. 03/17 View/Print
COM-1661403b Compare Brochure Rev. 01/17View/Print

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